At Mumble®, we recognize that there is not a cookie cutter solution for every room or project. Whilst our Mumble® range is in stock and  ready to ship, we also proudly partner with furniture companies, online retailers,  architects and designers and consumers to bring ideas to life at the right price and in the right time frame for whatever they need.

Manufacture services include but not limited to:

  • Laminating panels to create 18mm and 24mm thicknesses.
  • Panel Grooving V – Cuts
  • Panels cut to size ( save time on site)
  • Recessing panels for custom brackets
  • Laminating writable surface
  • Panel Printing – CMYK colours or high – res images
  • Fabric wrapping
  • kerf cut or 90 degree cut to create wrap around screens
  • Fuzzy felt pinboard creations

Samples can be provided if required – we love to play with our offcuts.