Transform your space with acoustic tiles from Mumble® by Design


When it comes to acoustic wall tiles, we know our stuff

Acoustic wall tiles really are the best of both worlds…

Not only are they well-designed and bring an impressive aesthetic to your office, but they also help to improve the acoustics of your entire workspace at the same time.

Here at Mumble® by Design, we’ve spent the last 5 years helping businesses like yours create healthy and collaborative environments for their entire team. Designed and made in Australia, our decorative acoustic wall tiles will elevate your workspace and help increase productivity, and reduce stress on your team.

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FAQs for Acoustic wall tiles

What are acoustic tiles?

If you are looking to improve the sound of your office, workspace, conference room, home or recording studio, acoustic tiles are one of the best ways to do so. They have a minimalist look, and are extremely effective and cost-efficient.

Acoustic tiles for walls are decorative and acoustically absorbent. This means that they provide effective means of controlling reverberation and echo, and reducing unwanted noise in a given space. And the bigger the space, the more unwanted noise you will have.

Acoustic tiles don’t just help dampen the noise in a space - they actually enhance it! This means that your team can be more productive and have better communication and less noise-distractions than ever before.

Decorative acoustic wall tiles

Unlike those outdated foam sound panels, our acoustic wall tiles are decorative, and highly customisable. This means that you can create the exact vibe and feeling that your office needs.

Whether you want to go for something minimalist and modern, or cute and quirky, our team of specialists can help you create a custom set of acoustic wall tiles that perfectly meet your needs.

We also offer over 30 different colour options, meaning that you can build a tile set that perfectly accents your current office or workspace.

How to install acoustic wall tiles?

Out of all the acoustic decoratives on the market, when it comes to installation, acoustic wall tiles are one of the simplest options.

To install your set of acoustic wall tiles, first be sure to have a wall picked out - you might want to take some measurements to ensure everything will fit the way you are envisioning.

From there, give the wall a gentle wipe with a dry cloth. Finally, you can use a construct type glue to attach the tiles to the wall itself. If you want a more temporary solution, double-sided tape works great as well.

You’ll be amazed by how easy the installation process is and how much of an effect the tiles will immediately have!

Acoustic wall tiles for every type of budget

We know that budgets come in all different shapes and sizes, which is exactly why we will work directly with you to find the perfect acoustic solution, at a price that works for you.

If you aren’t sure about which decorative acoustic wall tiles are best for your space and needs, be sure to reach out to a Mumble® by Design specialist for a free consultation!

Acoustic tiles designed and made in Australia

We understand the importance of high-quality design and materials, which is why all of our decorative acoustic wall tiles are designed and made right here in Australia. And not just that, but many of the materials that we use are also sourced in Australia.