12mm DIY acoustic panels are sound absorbing panels that come in 9 sizes and many colours, perfect for DIY enthusiasts.
Our 12mm DIY Acoustic Panels are sold in the following quantities per size packs.

Size (mm) Qty
300 x 300 4
400x 400 3
300 x 600 2
400 x 600 2
600 x 600 2
600 x 800 2
1200 x 400 2
1200 x 600 1
1200 x 800 1


Our 9mm DIY Acoustic Panels can be used as sound absorbing panels or as acoustic pin boards. They simply adhere to any flat smooth surface such as walls, ceilings and back of doors to name a few.

Sound absorbing panels absorb bounce away sound to reduce the echo in a room. The surface of these acoustic  panels can be pinned and can therefore be used as a pin board substrate.

 DIY acoustic panels are typically used for:

  • Home music or theater rooms.
  • Children’s bedrooms and playrooms
  • Create pin board wall surface
  • Home Office Space
  • Commercial  Office Spaces
  • School Classrooms

These acoustic panels have been pre-cut so that they are easier to handle and work with. The design and colour layout options are endless.

Our acoustic panels for walls are made from 60% recycled PET bottle content. 100% polyester felt like panels.


Installation Guidelines:

Always make sure the wall has been wiped clean prior to installation.

Temporary installation
3M picture hanging strips or double sided tape can be used.
TIP: Glue or staple picture hanging strip to the back of the acoustic panels. Because of their porous sound absorbing nature they do not stick as well to the 3m/double sided strip as the wall will.

Permanent installation:
A construct glue such as liquid nail or Selleys quick grip can be used.


Please contact us to for commercial installation quantities as these acoustic sound panels are also sold in 2440mm x 1220mm sheets.



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