Horizontal grooved acoustic panels are architectural elements designed to improve the acoustic properties of a space while also providing an aesthetically pleasing design. These panels feature horizontal grooves or ridges across their surface, which serve to diffuse sound waves, reduce echo, and minimize noise reverberation within a room.



Horizontal grooved acoustic panels add texture and depth with horizontal grooves running across each 12mm Acoustic Panel. Acoustic Panels can be both functional and decorative in this very popular groove series. Sold in full panels or in a set of easy to install wall tiles. Now is a great time to add sound absorbing panels to your theatre room or office space.

Applied directly to a wall they offer a NRC rating of 0.4

Horizontal grooved acoustic panels can also cut and shaped to create wall tiles or ceiling suspensions or even desk dividing screens.

Sold in a set of 2 panels. For custom quantities please contact us

Designed and made in Australia from imported materials

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