TensorGrips Black Rubber Hose is used for attaching spray guns to self-pressurised canisters. The hose is flexible and allows the operator to move freely when spraying the adhesive.

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When you’re tackling a heavy industrial situation, you need all the right tools.

High quality rayon reinforced Goodyear hose with a nylon 7 core.
Our 3.5m Spray hose has been designed to face the elements flung at it through regular use in industrial environments.

  • Made from high quality rayon reinforced Goodyear hose with a Nylon 7 core, giving ultimate flexibility and user convenience
  • Fully swaged couplings and a rubber bend restrictor on each end to prevent damage
  • Hose length: 4 meters
  • It is the best fit for most of the flammable adhesives in the TensorGrip range.