Welcome to Mumble by Design, your one-stop-shop for premium acoustic panels designed to improve sound quality in any room. Our extensive range of sound-absorbing panels will help you reduce reverberation and create the perfect listening environment, whether it’s for work, home, or leisure.

Why Choose Our Acoustic Wall Panels?

Our acoustic panels are expertly designed to absorb a wide range of frequencies, ensuring top-notch sound quality in any space. With an impressive stock of soundproof panels available in various colours and styles, you're sure to find the perfect product to suit your needs.

Not only do our panels enhance sound quality, but they also reduce unwanted noise, making them ideal for loud environments. Place your soundproof panels on walls or ceilings to effectively absorb sound and minimise reverberation, resulting in a more peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere.

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We offer a diverse selection of acoustic panels to suit any room or style. Our categories include:

Acoustic Wall Panels: Enhance the sound quality of your space with our expertly designed acoustic wall panels.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles: Reduce noise and improve the acoustics in your room with our range of acoustic ceiling tiles.

Why You Need Acoustic Sound Panels

Acoustic panels work wonders in improving sound quality and reducing reverberation, making them a must-have for any room. 

This means that they can help to minimise those pesky echoes and make the sounds you hear much clearer and crisper. Whether you're listening to your favourite tunes, watching a movie, or simply having a conversation with friends and family, you'll definitely appreciate the difference that acoustic panels can make.

But that's not all! Acoustic panels also contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. By absorbing and diffusing sound, they help create a more peaceful environment, which is simply ideal for relaxation or concentration. 

So, if you're looking to make your home or workspace a bit more tranquil, acoustic panels might just be the solution you're searching for.

Acoustic Panels - Frequently Asked Questions

Do acoustic panels reduce noise?

Acoustic panels not only make spaces more comfortable but also boost productivity by cutting down distractions from excessive noise.

Just one fully covered acoustic panel wall can improve sound quality, but for an even better result, it's wise to cover at least 15-30% of the room's total hard surface area. So, by managing and reducing noise effectively, acoustic panels create a more enjoyable atmosphere in various settings, from offices and schools to homes and entertainment venues.

How do acoustic sound panels really work?

Acoustic panels come with dents (or perforations for acoustic panels)  that help absorb and diffuse soundwaves, which in turn reduces echo and reverberation. Plus, when you hang them from the ceiling, they become even more effective at absorbing sound, making your space quieter.

Now, what makes acoustic panels so good at their job? They're usually made from soft, pliable, or porous materials like fabrics, which are excellent sound absorbers. On the other hand, dense and hard materials like metals and concrete reflect sound energy, so they're not the best for noise reduction.

Can acoustic panels block neighbours' noise?

While acoustic panels are fantastic at reducing noise within a room, they aren't specifically designed to block outside noise. However, that doesn't mean they're useless in this situation! Acoustic panels can still absorb some of the sound coming from outside, but it's important to understand that they don't work like traditional soundproof panels.

It's worth noting that soundproof panels and acoustic treatment are two separate things, serving different purposes. Soundproofing is all about blocking noise, whereas acoustic treatment focuses on improving sound quality within a space. So, if you're looking to block noise from your neighbours more effectively, you might need to consider additional soundproofing measures, such as installing insulation or using specialised soundproofing materials.

For more information about our products, please explore our website or contact our friendly team. We're here to help you find the perfect acoustic solution for your space. Transform your room with Mumble by Design's acoustic panels today.