We Provide Beautiful & Effective Acoustic Solutions For All Spaces

Our experts will virtually analyse your space to determine the best acoustic solution to suit your budget and your requirement.


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Fire Tested

Early Fire Hazard Properties BCA Group 1 (AS/ISO 9705) Class A (ASTM E84)

Made in Australia

Designed and made in Australia


All products are made from recycled PET plastic and can be recycled end of life.

Acoustic Performance

All our products have been tested in accordance with Australian and US standards..

Featured Acoustic Product Categories

Acoustic Ceiling Tile Channel in situ Image
For The Ceiling
For The Walls
Room Dividers
Desk Dividers

Not sure what you need?

Mumble® by Design is Australia’s #1 store for acoustic panels

Sounds Like A Solution! At Mumble® by Design, we pride ourselves in manufacturing beautifully effective acoustic solutions and acoustic panels, at the right price with quick turnaround time. All our acoustic wall panels products are made here in Australia.

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Desk Dividing Panels

Acoustic Pinboards

Hanging Room Dividers

Bespoke Solutions

Vertically Grooved Acoustic Panel in Ochre
Acoustic ceiling baffle Large Switch in situ image

Room Analysis

Our room analysis service makes it easy to get advice

Acoustic wall panels for every budget and every room

Whether you are a DIY-er, architect, designer, builder or project manager, our range of acoustic wall panels are the perfect combination of price, style and functionality.

Accessible to all budgets, our acoustic panels for walls are the perfect fit for your office, classroom or home. We pride ourselves in our fuss-free treatment, so you can easily create a customised acoustic panel that will look even better than you envisioned.

Great style and design doesn’t have to come at a high price tag – call Mumble® by Design today for a free consultation so you can take your project to the next level.

What are acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing, which means that they help reduce noise, reverb and echo in a given space. This is because the materials used in the panels help reduce unwanted noise through absorption, attenuation and diffusion.

All of our acoustic panels are made of felt which is made from RECYCLED PET plastic. PET plastic is the standard material used in the commercial design industry.

Hexagon Acoustic Wall Tiles
Matrix Office Ceiling Tiles
Olive Horizontal Groove Panel
Freestanding Room Divider Konect in situ image yellow and slate

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