Acoustic Solutions is what Mumble® By Design is all about. Launched in 2017 Mumble® focused in addressing the issue of sound quality in large open plan spaces such as those now found in innovative learning spaces in educational facilities across the world.  Fast forward to 2024, Mumble™ is  not only passionate about designing  acoustic solutions for Education environments but for offices and commercial premises too.

Mumble® ‘s acoustic solutions can make a significant contribution to improving the sound quality in open plan spaces. Optimum solutions can be achieved if acoustic requirements are taken into consideration when planning the space, however positive results can still be achieved at a later stage as our solutions can easily be integrated into existing room structures.

A large part of the problem is that whilst Acoustic Engineers often flag potential acoustic issues of existing spaces and new builds, these are not enforced – and it isn’t until the space is occupied that the issue of speech intelligibility becomes apparent or needs to be addressed.

Whilst there are several companies in the Global market offering solutions, few offer fun and innovative off the shelf designs that address the sound issue at the right price with the same care factor.

Our team at Mumble® have been hard at work with research and design to bring out a range of

Acoustic Solutions that provide:

innovative practical designs to tackle sound quality issues in innovative learning spaces and offices.
stylish fun designs that do not challenge any level of budget as we believe the quality of acoustics should be viewed as an essential and not as a luxury item on the procurement list.

Acoustic Products that have been:

  1. Fire Tested:
    Early Fire Hazard Properties (AS/NZS 1530.3)
    BCA Group 1 (AS/ISO 9705)
    Class A (ASTM E84)
  2. Designed and made in Australia from Australian and imported materials.
  3. Made with the environment in mind, as all products and packaging can be recycled.
  4. Created with knowledge of the current education pedagogies and office design trends

Our Services

Mumble® not only has a range of ready to go stocked items but we welcome wholesale and custom projects.

Off the Shelf Products

Our Vision

Mumble® By Design  vision is to help create healthy, collaborative environments around the world.

Recognizing that not all offices or learning environments have extensive budgets for treatment of acoustical issues we aim to work with our clients to get the right solution at the right price.

Sounds Like A Solution!