Enhance the acoustics of your workspace with office desk dividers from Mumble® by Design

Office desk dividers give your workspace colour, privacy and enhanced acoustics

With social distancing becoming more important in public and private spaces, office desk divider panels are the perfect solution.

Not only do they enhance the safety of your workspace, but they also provide a decorative and textural touch that creates a new, warm and receptive feeling.

Featuring a modern and minimalist design, our range of office desk divider screens will help elevate your workspace to a whole other level.

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Enhanced privacy with office desk divider screens

Whether you are looking for dividers for an office, workspace, or educational space, our range of office desk dividers will help everyone in your room feel a sense of genuine privacy.

Our Modesty Screens will help give your employees a sense of privacy while also helping to hide unsightly wires, and our Freestanding Desk Dividers will give your students the confidence and privacy they need to confidently take their tests and examinations.

Better concentration with better acoustics

Did you know that it can take up to 20 minutes to regain full concentration after you’ve been distracted by a loud noise? It’s true - offices and classrooms can be loud, and that excess noise pollution is a constant deterrent for productivity.

So to help, we’ve designed our office desk divider screens and panels with sound-absorbing materials and technology. This means that the dividers help significantly reduce noise pollution, echo and reverberations, which in turn helps everyone in the space maintain their concentration.

Office desk divider panels that never lose their style

Everyone wants their workspace to have the right look and feel. After all, what good is an office desk divider if it doesn’t contribute to the overall aesthetic of your space?

That’s why all of our desk dividers are designed to be both minimalist and modern. Plus, we offer a large range of customisation options in regards to the sizing and cuts of your dividers.

You will also be able to pick your preferred colour from over 30 colour options, so you can make sure that your dividers have the exact feel you are looking for.

Functionality is never forgotten

Many of our office divider desk screens boast multiple functions.

Our Workstation Desk Dividers can be used as pinboards for your team’s most important ideas and documents, and our Desk Divider – Screen ED® – WRITE also doubles as a whiteboard where students can write down their most interesting thoughts.

Are office desk dividers easy to install?

Out of all the acoustic decoratives on the market, office desk dividers are certainly the easiest to install. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons why they are so popular!

And not only are they easy to install, but they are easily moved, which means that you can transport and relocate your office desk dividers with ease to a new location anytime.

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