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Looking for hanging room dividers in Australia? You’ve come to the right place…

There are few things as stylish and functional for your office or workspace than hanging wall room dividers.

Clean, modern and minimal, hanging wall room dividers will transform your workspace into an oasis of productivity. Elevated from the floor and secured into your ceiling, our hanging room dividers will help reduce noise, control reverb and eliminate echo, to ensure that there is ultimate communication and productivity throughout your entire space.

Hanging wall room dividers in Australia for every budget

Here at Mumble® by Design, we have years of experience, in helping offices and workspaces like yours to take their noise reduction to the next level.

No matter if you have a small office that needs a single hanging acoustic room divider, or a large space that requires multiple hanging room divider panels, our premium selection will get you and your team sorted.

Not sure which hanging room divider panels are best for you?

We understand that with so many hanging room divider options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which acoustic panel best fits your specific needs.

Which is exactly why we always offer free consultations!

Contact Mumble® by Design today to speak with one of our specialists. They’ll help you find the best hanging ceiling room dividers for your unique space - 100% free of charge.

Hanging room dividers designed and made in Australia

Since launching in 2017, we’ve helped countless Australian educational facilities and businesses to achieve ultimate productivity, with our range of acoustic panels.

All of our hanging room dividers are designed and made in Australia, and many of our materials are sourced in Australia as well.

We make ceiling hanging room dividers easy

We pride ourselves in our quick turnaround times and in finding solutions that are accessible to all budgets.

We don’t want to overwhelm you with complicated jargon - our goal is to help you understand exactly what you need, at a price you love. That’s the Mumble® way!

Easily customise your ceiling hanging room dividers

We know that every office is unique, which is exactly why we offer a range of customisation options for our hanging room dividers.

With 30+ different colour options, you can easily create the exact vibe and feel that your office needs. We also offer custom design, sizing and floor fixtures, so you can have the exact look you need.

Hanging room divider panels for every budget

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are an at-home DIY-er or a professional large-scale project manager - our premium range of hanging acoustic room dividers has something for everyone.

FAQs for hanging room dividers

What are the benefits of hanging room dividers?

Hanging room dividers look more stylish and are much more cost-effective than traditional office partitions. But the dividers offer more than just aesthetics - they also help improve the audio of your space by reducing noise, reverb and echo.

Do you also help with the installation?

Yes. After we have helped you find which hanging room divider is best for your needs and budget, our team of installation experts will come to your office space to ensure the dividers are installed with utmost precision.

Do hanging room dividers attach only by the ceiling?

When installing your dividers, you will have two options - to attach by the ceiling only, or to attach by ceiling and floor. If you aren’t sure which option to choose, please reach out to our specialists who will be more than happy to explain which option is ideal for your unique space and needs.