Acoustic Pinboard


Acoustic Pin board squares  tackle the issue of acoustics while being functional at the same time. Acou-Stik is available in 2 sizes and 10 colours. The design configurations are endless.

Acou – Stik acoustic pin-board squares is made from a composition of a soft loop felt laminated onto 9mm white acoustic panel.  Our panels are made from 100% PET with 60% recycled content. The composition increases the absorbency from 0.35 of a 9mm acoustic panel to 0.45 because of the added felt.

Being hook receptive makes these acoustic pinboards perfect for creating notice boards and covering classroom walls

The following sizes are available and are sold as 4 squares per colour per per pack.
Square Large: 1 piece – 596mm (h) x 595 mm (w) x 12mm (d)

Square Small: 1 piece – 400mm (h) x 400mm (w) x 12mm (d)

Squares are sent out with double sided tape ready for install.

We can also make custom acoustic pin-boards of any size or shape up to 2400 x 1200.

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Acou-Stik Installation Instructions