The best placement for pinboards depends on their intended use and the environment where they will be placed. Here are some strategic placement suggestions for different types of pinboards:


  1. Home Office
    • Above the Desk: Place a felt pinboard above your desk to keep important documents, schedules, and to-do lists within easy reach.
    • Adjacent Wall: Position a larger pinboard on an adjacent wall to display project plans, calendars, and inspiration boards.
  2. Kitchen
    • Near the Fridge: Place a pinboard on the wall near the fridge for grocery lists, meal plans, and family schedules.
    • Command Center: Create a family command center with a pinboard for notes, reminders, and important dates.
  3. Bedroom
    • Workspace or Study Area: Place a pinboard above a small desk or study area to organize schoolwork, schedules, and inspirational quotes.
    • Closet Door or Wall: Use a felt pinboard for organizing accessories, jewelry, or daily outfit plans.
  4. Living Room
    • Entryway or Hallway: Place a pinboard in the entryway or hallway for outgoing mail, keys, and reminders.
    • Creative Corner: Set up a pinboard in a dedicated creative corner for art, photos, and project ideas.


  1. Individual Workspace
    • Above the Desk: Place a pinboard directly above or next to your desk for immediate access to important notes, tasks, and schedules.
    • Side Wall: Use a side wall for a larger pinboard to manage project timelines, team tasks, and reference materials.
  2. Meeting Rooms
    • Front Wall: Position a pinboard on the front wall to display agendas, brainstorming ideas, and meeting notes.
    • Side Wall: Use side walls for ongoing project updates, team goals, and visual aids.
  3. Common Areas
    • Break Room: Place a pinboard in the break room for company announcements, events, and employee contributions.
    • Hallways: Use felt pinboards in hallways for general notices, motivational quotes, and team achievements.

Educational Institutions

  1. Classrooms
    • Front of the Classroom: Place a pinboard at the front for daily schedules, announcements, and learning objectives.
    • Side or Back Wall: Use side or back walls for student work displays, interactive boards, and classroom rules.
  2. Hallways
    • High-Traffic Areas: Place pinboards in high-traffic areas for school-wide announcements, event flyers, and student achievements.
    • Near Offices: Use pinboards near administrative offices for important notices and contact information.
  3. Libraries and Study Areas
    • Entryway: Place a pinboard at the entryway for library maps, rules, and upcoming events.
    • Study Zones: Use pinboards in study zones for research tips, resources, and inspirational quotes.

Retail and Commercial Spaces

  1. Customer Areas
    • Near Entrances: Place a pinboard near the entrance for store hours, promotions, and customer information.
    • Waiting Areas: Use pinboards in waiting areas for service menus, promotions, and company information.
  2. Employee Areas
    • Break Room: Position a pinboard in the break room for shift schedules, company announcements, and employee recognition.
    • Stock Room: Use a pinboard in the stock room for inventory lists, restock schedules, and safety information.

General Tips

  • Eye Level: Place pinboards at eye level for easy viewing and access.
  • Accessibility: Ensure pinboards are easily accessible to those who need to use them frequently.
  • Visibility: Place pinboards in well-lit areas to ensure information is easily readable.
  • Avoid Clutter: Ensure the surrounding area is free from clutter to keep the focus on the pinboard.

By strategically placing felt pinboards in these locations, you can maximize their effectiveness and ensure they serve their intended purpose efficiently. Mumble has an extensive range of acoustic pin boards to match your style and space.