Screen-ED WRITE Classroom Desk Dividers are being used across the country in 21st Century Classrooms.

Innovative learning spaces, as described by the NSW Department of Education, are designed to:

  • Be mobile, flexible, varied and connected
  • Support opportunities for students to learn independently and in small and large groups
  • Support collaborative learning and teaching for students and teachers
  • Provide students with choice in where and how they learn
  • Adapted to accommodate learning modes and technology
  • Provide optimum learning conditions such as temperature, light and acoustics

Screen-ED™ WRITE is a portable acoustic classroom desk divider with the added feature of one side being a writable whiteboard. The desk divider has been specifically designed to create (temporary) individual workspaces. These desk dividers are the perfect solution for dividing up large shared desks.

These classroom desk dividers have also proven to be useful in multiple other classroom settings:

  • Special – ED teachers make use of these classroom dividers to aid students who may find them selves in an “all-inclusive” classroom settings. The desk dividers are especially helpful to students who are easily distracted and struggle to focus on the task at hand.
  • Exam dividers in the classroom or in the computer lab for testing and assessments.
  • Keep a set in the library for students to use when it is time to study.

Designed and made in Australia from imported materials

Care Instructions: Remove spills immediately using damp, clean cloth. Carpet and fabric cleaners can be used. Always test in an inconspicuous area first.

Screen-ED® WRITE is available in a variety of colours. (Navy/Grey colours recommended in schools to hide pen marks and dirt)

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Weight 1 kg

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