Desk Hutch – Cove

Mumble®’s Cove Desktop Acoustic Hutch is the perfect study or work haven. Forget about everyone else in the room and concentrate at the task on hand in our your sound sanctuary.

  • Assembled dimensions: 800mm (H) X 720 (W) X 740(D) (600mm on desktop). Hutch sits on desktop.
  • Ships flat packed and can be flat packed when not in use.
  • Easy to assemble – no tools required.
  • Made from 24mm thick Acoustic Panels
  • The perfect sound sanctuary


Acoustic Desk Hutch

An acoustic desk hutch, also known as a soundproof hutch or quiet enclosure, is a specialized piece of furniture designed to reduce noise levels and provide a quiet environment for activities such as recording audio, conducting phone calls, or concentrating on tasks in a noisy office setting. This hutch-like structure is constructed with sound-absorbing materials and features to minimize external noise interference and create a more acoustically controlled space.

Key features of our acoustic hutch may include:

  1. Ventilation: Despite being sealed, acoustic hutch has perforations to ensure adequate airflow and prevent overheating during prolonged use. The roof of the hutch is also perforated to allow for light to enter.
  2. Interior Acoustic Treatment: The interior of the hutch may feature additional acoustic treatments such as baffles or diffusers to further enhance sound absorption and reduce echoes.
  3. Accessibility: Acoustic hutch may include features such as cable management systems, built-in power outlets, and adjustable shelving to accommodate various equipment and facilitate ease of use.
  4. Size and Configuration: Acoustic hutch comes in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different needs, from small single-person enclosures suitable for phone calls to larger units designed for collaborative work or audio recording purposes.

Desk Hutch Composition

100% PET (80% from recycled content)


Assembled:  SMALL (coming soon) 550mm (H) X 600mm (W) X 740(D) (600mm on desk)/LARGE 800mm (H) X 720mm (W) X 740(D) (600mm on desk).


  • Offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare settings
  • Retail spaces
  • Hospitality venues


Lightweight, Easy to Handle + Install.
Piece slot easily into each other.
Can be dismantled and stored between uses.

Acoustic Performance

Quality Sound Absorption
24mm: alpha NRC 0.95 (200mm airgap)

Fire Test

BCA Group 1
AS/ISO 9705


Low VOC and Easy to Handle
Non Toxic
Made from recycled materials


Additional Information

Desk Hutch can be customized to suit desk type. Please contact us with your hutch design modification requests.

Desk Hutch is also wall mountable. Mounting hardware not provided.




Assembly Instructions